Occupancy Planning
FreightTrain's OPM (Occupancy Planning Module) is a space planning application used to prepare all departments and staff to occupy a new facility. The OPM enables users to identify and highlight rooms based on the attributes such as size, cable television connections, gas connections, data connections, window type, flooring type and ceiling height. Rooms can also be categorized by department, division, function, or specific occupant of the spaces.
Key Features:         
  • Dynamic floorplans with real-time data
  • Transparent and efficient communication
  • Optimizes space planning and tracks occupancy information
  • Cloud-based database with a location to store space details
  • Data analytics and metrics

"HTS’s provision of FreightTrain software allowed us to effectively track the fit up activities of the new hospital and to create user friendly floor plans and maps that were invaluable for planning and training."
- University of Texas Southwestern
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