FreightTrain is an innovative cloud based data management software created to facilitate the construction processes. FreightTrain offers a suite of modules designed to streamline the Inspection Request process, Construction Observation process, Punch process and Building FitUp. Each module is customized based on the project selections and configurations are controlled by the project administrator. In addition, FreightTrain offers secure access for all users and provides a variety of QC metrics to ensure immediate action for existing and potential problems. We offer the following services:

Project Setup

At the beginning of each project, FreightTrain Implementation Specialists will work with your team to outline the specific workflow requirements of your construction project. Customized online data-entry forms are created to match your specific needs, and the responsible parties for each step in the process are identified. Templates are created to ensure that data is routed correctly for notification, updates and approvals.

Our engineers then assist you with project launch, and work with you to ensure that your project is up and running, reports are properly generated, and your team can make full use of FreightTrain's features and capabilities.


AutoCAD Conversions into Visual Fragnet Graphical Maps

FreightTrain provides your project information on easy to read architectural drawings of your building known as Visual Fragnets. These drawings are derived from the original architect's AutoCAD drawings, and are used in the field for at-a-glance status. As part of the setup process, we provide the conversion services to input these architectural drawings into FreightTrain, making the process quick and transparent to your users.


Field Software and Technical Support

FreightTrain provides you with ongoing technical and field support, as well as the option to add modules and change workflow configurations as needed. These services will be outlined in a basic agreement with you, and can be changed or augmented as needed. Our goal is to ensure that FreightTrain provides you with the full range of tools that your project requires.



V4 FreightTrain Modules 
  • Cloud Based Access 
  • Geospatial Technology 
  • Visual Fragnet Mapping
  • Mobile Technology Ready
  • Offline/Online Modes
  • Project Specific Customization
  • Online Customer Support
  • On-Site Operator Support
  • Excel and PDF Reports
  • RFI ID Available 
  • Application Programing Interface (API) with Attainia


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