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FreightTrain Inspection Module streamlines the process of creating, reviewing and approving inspection request. All data is converted into metrics that help the project stay informed and avoid potential issues.  
FreightTrain Observation Module is used by owners, architects, inspectors and general contractors to streamline the process of resolving complex field observations.  
FreightTrain Punch List Module manages the entry, update and resolution of all punch list items in the field. coordinating these items with the responsible subcontractors and architects.  
FreightTrain RAIL Module A web-based task management software that facilitates the scheduling, assignment, and tracking of individual project tasks.  
FreightTrain FitUp Module facilitates the work, coordination, and communication needed to support new facility logistics, such as the deployment, testing, and installation of equipment, furniture and IT devices.  
FreightTrain Occupancy Planning Module is a space planning application used to prepare all departments and staff to occupy a new facility.  
Inspection Observation Punch List RAIL Fit Up Occupancy Planning

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Freightrain’s Construction Management and Activation Suite of software applications is a revolutionary cloud-based data management system created to facilitate the construction processes throughout the project lifecycle. FreightTrain’s Suite of Software Modules will increase transparency, improve field efficiency and simplify issues management during the life of your project.
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