Our Team

William Clemenson - Founder and President
Bill Clemenson founded FreightTrain's parent company, HTS, in 2002, in response to the rapidly growing needs of the California hospital construction industry. He quickly recognized the need for software that could effectively address the complexity and quality control requirements of managing large construction projects, and that woul
Hilda Nering, RN, MN - Executive Director of FreightTrain
Hilda has over 20 years of experience in Healthcare with 13 years of project management in healthcare transition and activation of new hospitals. As an RN, her clinical background included neonatal intensive care at a tertiary level, pediatrics and public health. Hilda understands the complexities of healthcare construction projects and t
Janet Dalton - Executive Director of Operations
Janet has an extensive record of healthcare consulting expertise and client success over the past 30 years. She has earned a distinguished national reputation for her expertise in the areas of transition and activation planning, building readiness, and move management. She and her former business partner are credited with creating the ind
Vincent Han - Senior Software Architect
Vince joined HTS in 2005 and leads FreightTrain software development, including its various application modules, web interface, and handheld device interface. Prior to joining FreightTrain, Vince worked as a Senior Application Developer and Analyst at Nike Inc., where he developed Business-to-Business web applications, web-based sales for
Rueven Trabin - Senior Software Architect
Reuven Trabin is the Senior Software Architect and lead engineer for the latest version of FreightTrain. He has developed software for web, windows, and server applications on a variety of platforms. Prior to joining HTS in August of 2011, Reuven was a lead and principal developer of applications in the e-Commerce, time management and pro
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