FreightTrain is pulling into the station and is bringing good news. So hop on board to see whats coming next. FreightTrain, Moving Foward!
HTS Initiates Tabletop Day in the Life at a Midwest facility
HTS visited America’s heartland this week to lead a tabletop Day in the Life for a new health care facility. This virtual walk-through is an exercise in testing scenarios that will enable the facility to deliver effective patient care in their new workspace. Tabletop Day in the Life assists the staff in identifying and resolving
Building community-centered care
Health systems are increasingly realizing a need to move services that were previously considered hospital campus centric into more convenient, accessible and efficient environments for patients. To get a closer look at this evolution, read more here. #CommunityCenteredCare  #HFM  #TransitionPlanning  #Freig
Sunday is Father's Day - how will you be honoring your dad?
#FathersDay2019  #FreightTrain  #HTSInc                                                                                 
HTS Project Team Celebrates UPHS Marquette Move
After the successful move of UPHS Marquette, our project team and some leaders from the hospital enjoyed a well-deserved celebration unwinding over great food, delicious drinks, and captivating conversation. See all the fun had here. Happy Friday, Everyone!  #HospitalActivation  #TeamCelebration  #TransitionPlanni
3 Questions on Transition Budget – Melanie Viquez, PMP, FACHE, MT)ASCP)
HTS Transition Planning Director Melanie Viquez is with our 3 Questions series, this time, to talk about transition budget, a critical component of a successful healthcare facility activation. Developing a sound transition budget helps manage costs of transition planning activities and keeps facilities on-track.   Q1. How do yo
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