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Validation Feature Released February 2015
HTS is proud to announce the release of its new “Validation” feature for the FitUp Module! In 2015 HTS saw an opportunity to improve the validation and purchasing process of medical equipment planners. This new feature was designed to streamline the Validation workflow while simultaneously helping the Transition Planning repre
FreightTrain Presenting at the ACE Conference
FreightTrain will be leading two boardroom sesisons at the ACE Summit and Expo in Atlanta on Monday, February 1st 8:30 am – 9:45 am Hanover D  NEW FACILITY ACTIVATION The building has been built. The keys have been turned over. Now what? During this session, discover how to turn a building into a live operat
HTS, Inc. has announced the launch of its latest FreightTrain module, RAIL
HTS, Inc. has announced the launch of its latest FreightTrain module, RAIL.  RAIL stands for “Revolving Action Item List,” a name that hints at some of the functionality of this web-based project management platform. RAIL not only hosts a database of critical tasks required for the successful completion of a complex, inte
FreightTrain® Solutions FitUp software at the new Jacobs Medical Center
In February 2015, FreightTrain® Solutions began implementation of our online FitUp software to support planning efforts for the new Jacobs Medical Center.  With over 500,000 sq. ft. connecting to the existing Thornton Hospital on UC San Diego’s La Jolla, Ca campus, Jacobs Medical Center consists of 10 levels and 245 private
FitUp is on the Up and Up!
In July of 2013, FreightTrain unveiled its latest and most advanced module "FitUp". FitUp was developed for the use of tracking the furniture, equipment and IT installation process. By providing a proper set of tools, the building fit up phase has become more efficient and successful. Since the FitUp Module was put into producti
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