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Why Managing Construction Quality is Important
In 2014, HTS, Inc. was asked by one by our clients to analyze 6 different projects that each had over 130,000 inspection request. One of our interesting findings was that it takes 10x longer to close a failed inspection than it does to close an inspection with no issues. Considering it takes 5 business days, or a week on average to close
HTS, Inc. FitUp Software Drives Room Readiness at New Facility
Preparing for the first patient in a new state-of-the-art facility covering 830,000 square feet of space is not an easy feat. How do you track room readiness for Day 1 of patient care in a hospital 22 stories high and housing 3,076 rooms with over 60,000 pieces of medical equipment, furniture, and IT products? FreightTrain Solutions FitUp
CEO Tom Gaunt visits Southern California Clients
Last week our CEO Tom Gaunt had the pleasure to visit some of our Southern California projects. We want to thank the clients that made the time to meet with him. If we were unable to meet with you and would like to set up a meeting , please feel free to reach out to us. We’d love for you to meet him!
Inspection Request: Issue management Tips
   It doesn’t matter whether you are working on a residential, commercial or healthcare project; there is one thing that the contractor will always need to do….call for inspection! While this would seem like an easy task to accomplish, many have found it to be more difficult than previously thought. In this article
Hospital Construction Project: Looking below ground and starting to look up
We are glad to be part of the Loma Linda University Medical Center Project. The placement of the steel continues to progress, click on the link for more information Click Here                                              
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