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Spotlight on HTS’s Day in the Life
Over the next several months, HTS will be facilitating over a dozen Day in the Life events across the country. The HTS team will be venturing out to support our clients spanning the beach cities of Southern California to the crisp shores of Long Island with stops at some exciting projects in wonderful communities in-between. HTS’
Day in the Life at Ventura, CA Hospital
Excitement and anticipation meld as HTS, Inc. counts down for Day in the Life at a new patient tower in Ventura, CA hospital on Thursday, September 20. It’s “all hands on deck” for the team to make sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed. Day in the Life is a scenario walk through event where HTS guid
HTS, Inc. Construction Software Services team welcomes a new project in Omaha, Nebraska
HTS, Inc. Construction Software Services team welcomes a new project in Omaha, Nebraska. Sr. Project Manager Antonio Ambriz Sr. was recently on-site at this world-class healthcare facility to initiate the project launch process. HTS will support the facility’s IPD process through the implementation of standardized HTS software metri
Women in Construction
According the the National Association of Woman in Construction, "Females make up 47 percent of the country's total workforce, but just 9 percent of the construction industry". McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. has established the McCarthy Partnership for Woman Group to support woman in their career. To learn more please cli
Congratulations to Houston Methodist Hospital
Congratulations to Houston Methodist in opening their doors on August 27, 2018. It was a pleasure working with a talented team on this project To read more about the project please visit                                
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