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Happy Earth Day!
Earth Day was created by Senator Gaylord Nelson in April 1970 in response to the lack of regulation on factory emissions. It led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency that same year. Let us come together to protect our Earth, love it, and nurture it. #FreightTrain   #HTSInc   #EarthDay2019&
Happy Easter from HTS!
#FreightTrain   #HTSInc   #HappyEaster                                                                               
HTS Supports Temple City High School’s Grad Nite Event
HTS is privileged to support Temple City High School students and their parents as they prepare to celebrate their 26th Annual Grad Nite.  The amazing Temple City High School was the recipient of the California Distinguished School and California Gold Ribbon School awards and ranked in the eminent Newsweek list of America’s Bes
How Construction Technology Affects Facility Management
Construction technology continues to reshape the planning, design, construction, and life-cycle management of facilities. From drones, to virtual and augmented reality, to cloud-based facility management software, a growing array of technology tools has the potential to simplify and enhance traditional approaches to building and manag
Attaining the Ideal Healthcare Capital Construction Project
HTS has been an Attainia partner for five years now, beginning with the UCSF Mission Bay project in 2014 where the Attainia-FitUp connection was first utilized to provide seamless nightly updates of project data from Attainia to FitUp. We are pleased to share Attainia's latest white paper on "Attaining the Ideal Health
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