FreightTrain is pulling into the station and is bringing good news. So hop on board to see whats coming next. FreightTrain, Moving Foward!
Community Memorial Hospital Staff Just Keeps Getting Better with DitL #2
Community Memorial Hospital Ventura hosted its second Day in the Life, and it was as awesome as the first one! Fifteen hospital departments alongside 30 supporting departments and the HTS team identified 400 issues on Tuesday, October 16. The staff is grateful for another opportunity to work in their new space. New systems were tested thr
Room Check: HTS Solution for Room Readiness
With 14 years of experience activating and moving healthcare facilities, HTS has developed the process and technology to facilitate building turnover from construction to operations. “Room Check” is a critical and monumental transition step where the user can review each room in the newly-constructed department for operational
SBCH - Day In The Life Continues!
The HTS, Inc. team and Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital are having a grand time with Day in the Life happening right now! "A picture is worth a thousand words!" The following collage shows just how much they're learning during Day in the Life #2.                  
HTS will be facilitating Day in the Life events across the country
Over the next several months, HTS will be facilitating Day in the Life events across the country. The HTS team will be venturing out to support our clients spanning the beach cities of Southern California to the crisp shores of Long Island with stops at some exciting projects in wonderful communities in-between. Click on the link below to
HTS: Seeing Projects Through from Start to Finish
The combination of HTS, Inc. industry-leading Transition Planning team and innovative FreightTrain® software solutions creates a unique opportunity to deliver value to our clients in healthcare and other industries. Continue reading                         &nb
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